Chairmans Letter 08/2017

To all Blue Knights in Europe!

A lot of things happened inthe „Blue-Knights-world“ in the
last weeks.We had our international convention in
Milwaukee, USA with a lot of discussions about the criminal
affair in our international office, about the way to
handle it and what we should do in the future to prevent such
incidents. The executive board, in person of our international
president, promised to change a lot of things
in the office, specially about the procedere with financial
belongings. WE will watch this very
attentively because iti our money and the future of our club.
There has been a international election this year and we had
a european candidate. „Schlagi“ Hohendorf, our european
vice-chairman, was runing for the position of a international
The whole election was – for us european – not fair and not
democratic. There have been a lot of mistakes,
different members got no chance to vote and on the other hand
there have been double envelopes for almost every chapter in
Europe. It was a clear sign for me that there must be a change
in the international board and there must be more professional
work and less „party-traveling“ in the future. But Schlagi had
a very good campaign where he did all fair and did not fight
against somebody. He said clear what his ideas are for the
future and what he is standing for.Unfortunatly we had some
members in Europe who where „pissed off“ the american-way of
handling the voting-problems and then they decided not to vote
and to boycott the whole election. At the end this numbers of
less then 10 made the difference - so Schlagi lost the
election very very close and Karen Borza ist our new
international vice-chairman. If there is a european candidate
again we must learn from this election and try to concentrate
our power and votes on a candidate for Europe. We are strong
enough and we are enough members to change some things – if
we stand united. Thats what we can learn from the election
2017.You find the election-result and the new elected board
on our international webpage. We – as the European board –
will work together with the new elected board in friendship and trust.
We will try to support them as good as possible, but we still
know that we are working for the EUROPEAN chapters and the
EUROPEAN Blue Knights. We will not accept that we just have
to pay (5 Dollar more/year in the future) and there is no
change in the procedere of leading our club.But the real live
is cruel and hard and it shows us that all our club-politics
and club-problems are just peanuts and not really important.
Sonja Oppitz, the wife from our european secretary, Holk, died
this week after a fight against cancer. It was like a flash
as we heard about her illness just a few days after her
62-birthday. Holk informed us that she is in hospital in a
critical constitution and some days later she died in his arms.
We are in deep sadness and I think most of us can not imagine
how hard it is for our brother now to go to this deep dark
days. He have to organize here last way and we have to accept
her wish to do that way just with her family. So please hold
a moment of silence, remember our sister Sonja and also think
for Holk.
If you need something from our european bord in the next future
please remember this tragical point and therefore Holk will not
be allways online - as he normally is. If it is very important
you can write direct to my adress or contact a other member
oft he board.Ride with pride and allways stay safe.